As they guide our colored pencils, 

help us stay on track

like 2D stencils.

But are they really what we need

teaching us not to believe, 

in thinking out side the box,

Like a frizzy haired brunet Goldie Locks?

A brunet Goldie Locks would be nice,

but it would be better if you took lines advice,

and let her stick to what she knows,

because according to lines, 

we can’t let our creativity glow!

Where do smiles come from

Smiles come from our hearts,

trying to show others we care.

Form the soul,

when we help others from everywhere.

Smiles come from relaxation,

getting away from a mess,

or relief

being done with stress.

Smiles come from excitement,

the joy of surprise.

From beauty,

a treat for  the eyes.

Smiles come from others,

they provoke with no doubt.

They all come from others,

they’re the rain in our drought.

The Story of Tonight Reprise

Since there are two story of tonight’s, here is another dream that I  remember. This was when I was 3, and my brother was really into lego star wars, he was only 6 then. It was a sunny summer afternoon, and my brother and I were playing in our yard. Out of nowhere, a lego spaceship lands in our yard! The storm troopers come out, and I  hadn’t seen star wars yet, so I didn’t know if they were good or bad! My brother started running, so I followed, but they did too. As I  was going up the steps to my porch I tripped, they were getting closer, and I couldn’t get up! Then at that moment something incredible happened. I woke up.


I’ve never been a big eater. I am very very picky, and I am very slow. It could take me over an hour just to eat dinner. I am also a vegetarian. So I’ve never loved food, whenever me and my friend’s have a sleepover I only half eat my food, because I can never finish. But when it comes to sweets, that’s a different story! It’s like I only have one taste on my taste buds, sugar! Everything from brownies, to expensive french dessert that I can’t pronounce! I just can’t seem to get enough, some may say that I could never be satisfied. Comment down below what your favorite dessert is!


If you don’t know to much about Hamilton, there are three lead female characters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy, the Schuyler Sisters. They all have very distinct personalities. Angelica is the confident and strong one, who is willing to give up everything for her family. Eliza is the sweet, caring, and sensitive one, who wants to make the most of her life. Peggy is kind of the rule follower, they don’t talk about her much. If you want to know which one you are just take a buzz feed quiz of something! I took three separate quizzes to see which Schuyler Sister I am, and all three said Eliza. I took two quizzes to see which Hamilton character I was, they both said Eliza. And Finally, I took one quiz to see which song I was, and it said burn, which I should maybe be concerned about…BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT! My point is that I am full on Eliza. Before people take these quizzes, they all think they’re Eliza’s, but I can usually tell what they are. For instance, my friend Jenna is kind of random, so she is a Peggy, and my friend Katy is confident, she is an Angelica. From what I know, there are more Angelica’s than Peggy’s, and more Peggy’s than Eliza’s. The reason I chose to right about this on the Helpless post, rather than the Schuyler Sisters post, is because in the song helpless, you really get to see Eliza’s personality. All of you reader’s should take the quiz, and comment down below which sister you are?

Winters Ball

Every year my friends come back with new horror stories, that could haunt a soul. These stories all had one thing in common. They were all about the cotillion. Terrifying stories about etiquette, ten million hundred thousand million utensils, and worst of all, dancing with boys! Who in the whole wide world, would want to dance with a boy. COOTIES!  Think about the cooties. It sends shivers down my spine just to think. I do like to wear long fancy dresses, but not enough to go to cotillion. I’ll have to admit, there was a time when I did want to go. But that was before I knew that parents forced all genders to go to cotillion. As this horror story concludes, I would like to wish all of the people going to cotillion good luck. And watch out for the cooties.

Right Hand Man

It’s common sense that a super hero should have a sidekick, right? Well than how come no Marvel movie I have seen has had a sidekick. Disney Princesses have sidekicks, so what if they’re animals. In what world, other than every girls brain, do Disney Princesses beat Marvel superheroes! You need to step your game up MARVEL! If I was a superhero, my sidekick would be my dog Mario! I could totally be a superhero. My power would be instant puppies for everyone, and Mario would help me fight my worst villain, Animal Control! My comic book would be called Pup-Girl and her trusty side kick Mario, the karate dog! Okay, maybe my dog doesn’t know karate, or does he! My catch phrase would be “No treats for you today”, and my best weapon would be gross brown dog food. But if I have an animal sidekick, does that make me a Disney Princess? I like that better, scratch everything I just said.

You’ll Be Back

A long long long long long long long long long long long long long time ago, I was not in this world. What an awful place that must have been. I moved when I was 3 months old to the town I live in now. It was only small move, like a 20 minute drive from where I used to live move, but it was still a move! When I moved, their was a girl next door to my new house, she was my age and she had a sister a year younger than her. Well, when I met her she didn’t. Her name was Zoe. She was my first, and best friend. I remember being out in the front yard, then seeing her on the swings. She would always run to the fence and invite me over, so I would climb over the fence, probably fall, hurt myself, go back home, then repeat the process tomorrow. It was a good life, untill… She’s moving to Texas! In what world is it okay to have your 5 year old’s heart broken, because her best friend is moving to the other side of the country! We could have just moved to Texas to keep me happy! I had an ipod, so we texted for the first couple of years, but eventually we lost touch. I haven’t really talked to either of them in 2 years. 2 years ago we went to visit them for a day. ONLY A DAY! But my grandparents live in Texas, and I’m going to my grandparents over the summer, and Zoe lives in Texas. See my logic. I’m sorry mom and dad, but there is no way you are going to stop me from going back to my best friend!

Farmer Refuted

Over summer break, a lot of people go visit their grandparents. A lot of my friend’s go and visit their grandparents farm. I wish my grandparents owned a farm! They come back with the coolest stories of how they saved a lambs life, or how they drove a four wheeler up a mountain, or how they milked a cow. I want to do all those things! I am a vegetarian so I obviously have the happier view of animals on a farm. If I ever owned a farm it would probably be a dairy farm. GOAT CHEESE!!!! GOATS!!!!!!!!! But I was talking to my friend the other day when this conversation came up. “If I ever owned a farm, it would be a dairy farm like your grandparents!” 

“My grandparents don’t own a dairy farm.”

“Then why do they have all those animals?”

“Well they own a mea- umm… yeah dairy farm, I forgot.”

What she probably was trying to tell me was that she has a bad memory! Yeah definitely what she meant. Comment if one of your relatives own a farm, and what type of farm.  

The Schuyler Sisters

A couple of weeks ago, we gave my 14 year old brother Hamilton lyrics, and let him try to sing along. He didn’t exactly do amazing… By the time guns and ships (the fastest rap song on the album) was over, he was barely halfway through the song! When take a break started, it took him 15 seconds of trying to sing along, before he realized it was in French! All of this was funny, but the Schuyler sisters… In case you don’t know, Schuyler is pronounced Sky-lur. He began to sing, “Anlelca,  elizza, and Peggy, the Shwheeler Sisters.” Did he just pronounce Schuyler, Sh-wee-lur! When people get Hamilton lyrics wrong it bugs me, but this! I take this stuff pretty seriously. If you ever, EVER, want to sing Hamilton with me, make sure you have the right words, let alone pronunciation.